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Zulu Challenge Adults

Our adults challenge is 5km with up to 24 obstacles. Participants do the challenge TETHERED together with our custom harnesses. Adds to the difficulty and fun. Let's see how well you work together. Unleash the thrill, conquer the obstacles, and reignite your connection! There is no maximum for your team, bring one or bring them all..Come alone? No problem, we will tether you with someone else who comes alone. Great way to forge new connections.


Zulu Kids Challenge

Our ever popular kids challenge is as follows. Ages 4-7yrs Up to 2km with up to 20 obstacles, 8-10yrs Up to 3 km with up to 20 obstacles. 11-13yrs Up to 4km with up to 24 obstacles. Difficulty increases with each age category. One parent is allowed to shadow along (no charge). This is a challenge and NOT a race, anything they cannot do, they can go around. Medals are given only at the finish line. There are no participation medals. They EARN it.


Zulu K9 Challenge

Our K9 challenge requires every participant to have a dog. There is no age or breed restrictions. A mandatory harness and hands free leash for both you and your dogs safety is required.

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