Training Regimes

To prepare your body for the ultimate 10km military obstacle course, we've teamed up with 3-1-5 Health Club to create a series of training programmes for a range of abilities, each designed to help you build strength, increase aerobic fitness, and bring out that commando spirit that lies within us all!

You have 3 options which relate to your current fitness level:

Cadet You've got the appetite, but need a helping hand (Beginners)

Squaddie You know you've got what it takes, but want to push it further (Intermediate)

EliteYou're a psychopath (Advanced)

Download the programme you think best matches your ability and then complete the programme 2 to 3 times every week. Don't forget, you'll need to factor in another 2 days for aerobic fitness and you can download our lung buster programme for that too.

Lung Buster Aerobic Programme

All of the exercises in each of these programmes can be performed pretty much anywhere.

You can keep track of your progress too, with our handy training log download. Pin it to your desk, keep it in your car, stick it to your bathroom mirror; whatever you do, make sure it's never out of sight.

Track Progress Training Log

Remember, no one said this was going to easy, but if you follow the programme, focus and train hard and you will reap the reward of becoming a true ZULU.

Training Regimes - Are you ready to do battle?
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