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ZULU fully encourage as many spectators as possible to come to the event to support your friends and family in their several hours of need, or to have a look around to see if you fancy doing an event yourself.
Absolutely! They will love seeing mum or dad, aunts, uncles or other family members or friends covered in mud and tackling the obstacles. We are committed to making an effort to allow clear access so you can easily watch the action at specially selected areas of the most exciting parts of the course. We hold our events in beautifully country locations so be prepared for some walking; the upside being the kids will sleep like logs! We also have a kids' obstacle course at many of our events. Check the details for your specific event on our website.
No. We don't charge for spectators to come and support the epic trials of the ZULUs. So come and enjoy the entertainment in the event village and watch your friends and family as they return to base to take on the spectacular course finale.
The event is on open uneven ground with mud and puddles likely. So sensible footwear, boots or wellies that kind of thing is highly recommended. Come prepared and expect the unexpected, the British Weather can be inclement!
We will mark 'spectator routes' to the best places to see the action. Much of the route is on rough ground so care should be taken at all times to avoid trips and falls. We ask that spectators do not enter the course except at designated crossing points for their own safety and for that of the event participants.

We are an annual event that dare's you to conquer the uncomfortable, the difficult and let you to reach out and to connect with like minded people.

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