Dare Day

Complete it and limp back home a smile.

Now that you have prepared and are ready for the challenge, below is the process and what you will need:)

Pack proper footwear that will be able to withstand rough terrain as well as Dri-Fit sports attire. For great suggestions and deals please visit on of our local participating sponsors page HERE.

ARRIVE 2hrs EARLY...to get registration out of the way, Bring you photo ID, your registration confirmation and your numbered BIB. Without them, YOU DO NOT TAKE PART.

Get your stretch on and your game face on!!

The first 10 minutes will kick you A#%...Zulu is for real!

We will have lots and lots of water stations, be sure you are well hydrated!

Obstacle 25 is complete!! congrats, you got 25 more to go...yipee

You are at the finish line..Congr...oh wait, we got one last DARE.

Dare accomplished, high fives and hugs all around...tears allowed now!! -Photo ops are in order as you refuel, check for unnoticed bruises.

Clean yourself up IT'S TIME TO PARRRTTTYY!!!

Open pit BBQ, music, drinks and more photo ops.

Limp back home a smile and a library of lifelong memorable moments to share.

We are an annual event that dare's you to conquer the uncomfortable, the difficult and let you to reach out and to connect with like minded people.

Join Zulu's incredible community and began your journey to create the most amazing moments today!